"This has without a doubt been the most enjoyable tennis experience we've had in a long, long time.  The programs are exceptional and The Hamptons as a tennis destination is loaded with things to do and stuff to explore.  We can't wait to come back."

Jason Lewis
Greenwich, Conn. 

"The instructional programs are top notch.  They have the best pro's at the best prices in a spectacular setting - can't beat it."

Pierre Le Blanc
NY, Ny.

"I've experienced virtually every program out East and this has been by far the best one yet.  I highly recommend it."

John Holohan
Boston, Ma.

"I've been playing for ages and have taken alot of lessons over the years, but none quite like these.  They broke down every stroke and took the time to teach them all to me.  Fact is, I didn't even know there were 13 strokes.  Overall it was a great learning experience."

Susan Chapman
NY, Ny.

                    ***ON THE FACILITY***

"I've played all over the world and this is definitely one of the most beautiful clubs I've ever seen."

Jack Goodman
Boston, Ma.

"Incredible facilities with magnificent water views and a steady ocean breeze.  Tennis heavan!"

Suzanne Greenberg
NY, Ny.

"I grew up playing tennis in Eastern Long Island and have seen them all.
To my mind this is really the finest clay court club in all The Hamptons.  The ambience is something special."

J. Anderson
NY, Ny.

"...you'll relax the moment you walk in.  The pro's are all easy going and love to teach.  The views are second to none and the style is simple Hamptons - reminds me of the old days out here.  Definitely a refreshing break from all the commercialization tennis has seen in The Hamptons of late."

Steve Browning
Philadelphia, Pa.

               ***ON THE HAMPTONS***

"We were there for 10 full days and couldn't possibly have seen it all. We did play a whole lot of tennis, however, as well as enjoy those amazing Hamptons beaches, discovered several amazing restaurants, shopped, savored an incredible wine tasting and checked out the neighboring villages that make up The Hamptons.  Fact is, in the time we had we couldn't have possibly taken it all in.  We sure had fun trying though."

Jack O'Brien
San Diego, Ca.

"More fun than I've ever had!"

Jackie Stepner
White Plains, Ny.

"...instead of being stuck in the middle of nowhere The Hamptons as a destination offered us more after tennis activities than we could handle.  Overall It was an amazing experience and we plan to come back indefinitely."

Jason Roeder
Westchester, Ny.

"We played alot of tennis but we also hit some great events and spent alot of time on the beach.  All in all it was one of the most enjoyable vacations I've taken in a long, long time."

Carolyn Larson
Baltimore, MD.

"As a family we couldn't have had a better week - everything was perfect."

Doris Peters
Los Angeles, Ca.